“A mAAd World” by Miles Morrison

By Miles Morrison


Our father who art in heaven
Hollow be Thy name
We’re all trapped in a world
Where folks think life is a game
We determine a  person’s worth
Based off money and things
And never think of the value thatapersons mind really brings

In a world full of greed
Everyone’s after it all
We rob
We steal
We fight
We kill
We scratch. And we crawl
We get it by any means with no timing  to stall
While the reaper is waiting for us atthe end of thehall

Yet everyone is afraid of him
Cloak is black as the night
Came up observing his presence
Judt to appreciate life.
I wear him around my neck
Cause hes just the holder of time
And often I feel the same when I sit and come up with rhymes

My homies tell me I’m  gifted
When written a soul is lifted
But doctors tell me in twisted
And mentally im demented
They shower me with prescriptions
They talk but I never listen
Cause side effects include
Whatthe pills supposed tobepreventing

They tell me I’m thinking too much
But they dont think enough
I’m sure when people think of me that they dont think of much
I’m over thinking they think I should take a couple of
Pills I’d  probably be better off selling for a couple bucks..

Please excuse me for my honesty
Theyre So caught up in lies they dont see no room for an honest me
Forget living a lie I’d rather lie inside a coffin
So my tomb  can read
“Here lies a man who lived his life….honestly.”FB_IMG_1556826685568

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