“Pain” by Erin Sprague

Searing through your calves
Pulling you down
Tearing you into halves
Sweat trickling between your shoulder blades

What is pain, anyway?
Forget your burning feet
Ignore your straining muscles
Dance, dance to the beat.

When your world shakes,
Hold firm to the pain
It reminds you who you are
Remember no pain, no gain.

Forget the pains
Because you love the adrenaline
Rushing through your veins.
Just keep on dancing.

Push upwards, stretch through
Every aching bone.
Breathe, breathe
Even as you feel weighed down by stone

Live through the eagerness
That strains throughout you
Pain makes the beauty no less
If you can’t stand it, you aren’t made for it

When it hurts too much,
Live in the knowledge,
You will do it anyway
One day.

There’ll always be a hurdle
To climb, to shove aside
But the pain won’t girdle
You for very long.

Revel in your exhilaration
In your breathless shock
When the quadruple pirouette slides by
And, suspended, you listen to the clock tick tock.

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