“What a Dancer Sees” by Erin Sprague

Trees swaying in the wind
Leaves fluttering and twirling
Roots deepening, strengthening

Water flowing in towards shore
Waves crashing and pummeling
Seagulls soaring, crying

Zephyrs flitting through sunlight
Breezes rising and falling
Gales blowing, sweeping

Fire full of crackles and roars
Flames leaping and plunging
Blazing steadily, passionately

Music flowing by
Soaring and dipping
Crying out joyfully, sorrowfully

Light pouring through clouds
Streaming and radiant
Rays of warmth, strength

Colors of every shade
Changing and shifting
Hues unimaginable, inconceivable

Emotions unnamable
Steady and swirling
Intense passion, sorrow

Deep and profound
Still, tranquil

This is what a dancer sees
This and more
Dancing continuously, endlessly

Photo by Casey Horner via Unsplash

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