“Obsession” by Erin Sprague

I’ve heard it told,True-born writers must writeThey haven’t any choiceThey must write until they’re dead and cold But the same is true of a dancerShe makes no conscious decisionHer need to dance is strong,And will cause many a frisson Addicted to the adrenaline,Longing for the familiar pain in her feetIn her dreams she will dance,And... Continue Reading →

The Mews Writing Contest

Who? You, or any Friends University student
What? A Free Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction Writing Contest
When? Submissions are due March 30.
Where? Send submissions to jonathan_pettyjohn@student.friends.edu
Why? A Great Opportunity to practice writing.
How? Via Word in size 12 Times New Roman

“Beg the Sea” by Noah Wallace

Beg the Sea By Noah Wallace  Take me sea, oh toward the past. Bring me back from forlorn strife. Or drown me now and do it fast. Help me break these bonds of life. For life is long and hard and burning. I need relief from the present’s pain. Take me to days for which... Continue Reading →

“A mAAd World” by Miles Morrison

By Miles Morrison   Our father who art in heaven Hollow be Thy name We're all trapped in a world Where folks think life is a game We determine a  person's worth Based off money and things And never think of the value thatapersons mind really brings In a world full of greed Everyone's after... Continue Reading →

“ONSET” by Courtney Kruger

  ONSET by Courtney Kruger   SCENE ONE – EXT – OPENING CREDITS   Soft music plays as the definition of the word “onset” appears, in white font, on a black screen:   on·set (ŏn′sĕt′) n. the first appearance of the signs or symptoms of an illness   The definition fades away into aerial shots showing... Continue Reading →

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