The Mews Writing Contest

Who? You, or any Friends University student What? A Free Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction Writing Contest When? Submissions are due March 30. Where? Send submissions to Why? A Great Opportunity to practice writing. How? Via Word in size 12 Times New Roman

Deadman’s Switch

Arcade can barely get himself through the door, again. Drekky thing wedged itself into the frame again, and the landlord once again wasn’t answering calls. Aces. Pushing his way in, Arcade can finally take a breath free of the usual mix of chemicals that fills the air out there on the Edge. Air still stinks... Continue Reading →

“ONSET” by Courtney Kruger

  ONSET by Courtney Kruger   SCENE ONE – EXT – OPENING CREDITS   Soft music plays as the definition of the word “onset” appears, in white font, on a black screen:   on·set (ŏn′sĕt′) n. the first appearance of the signs or symptoms of an illness   The definition fades away into aerial shots showing... Continue Reading →

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