“Lend Her My Eyes” Written and Read by Miles Morrison and Performed by Calista Cano

“Lend Her My Eyes”

I remember that day,

remember the exact day,

when walking home from school she proposed that we take the back way.


And I didn’t even ask the reason for going that way.

I just followed as she guided me.

We’re further down the path way…


We stop at a creek

with no one around

She looked in my eyes, and she slowly broke down.

I asked her what’s wrong.

She said with a tone

of pain in her voice, “I don’t want to go home.”


At home there’s no love;

At home it is rough;

At home they just tell me I’m not good enough.


At home there’s no hope;

At home there’s no help;

At home they compare me to somebody somebody else.


At home I’m just what I wish I couldn’t see.

At home it’s like happy is what I’ll never be.

She’s the greatest piece of art

that I’ve ever seen.

If I could…I would…


Lend her my eyes so she could see what I see.

“Beauty and Grace” Written and Read by Deane Reaves and Performed by Emma Browning

“Beauty and Grace”

Everyone says it’s not a big deal

You are the most beloved, highly praised for being pretty

They say you should be happy, yet I feel iffy

It is a big deal because I am not real

They all say “You are a great big deal,

You are beauty, you are grace.” Is that how I am supposed to feel?

I don’t.

In fact, I don’t think I can feel.

Nothing in my life is really real.

The beauty, the grace and the fame,

I’m in a constant fuzz,

It’s all a part of their game.

The partying, the drinks and the drugs.

It really is lame, this little game.

Tired? Anxious? Ill? Here, take a magic drug.

Yet the drugs make me dizzy, sick and out of control.

I don’t want drugs; I just need a hug.

“Progression” Written and Read by Kobe Krehbiel, Performed by Morgan Smith


Fast cars blazing by
Warm breeze intoxication
Something still missing
Running from the truth
Everything seems foreign here
Fake smiles today
Searching for answers
Aimlessly walking around
I’ll figure it out
Always lost in thought
Finding answers in wrong spots
Not all is lost though
There is a constant
Nature is my own escape
Beauty never stops
An escape that exists
Never have to look too far
True radiance shines
Never a worry
Everything works out just fine
Hope is now restored

This dance and poem were a collaboration for the 2019 event “Changement: Self in Motion”.

“The Cold Winter Winds” by Luna Neira

The day Alex left, it became autumn

Only grief and sorrow could follow

I thought without her I was at rock bottom

Empty, soulless, above all hollow


Was it guilt or regret

I fell for another but was only a kiss

Did it drive me away or was she a threat?

From fiancee to a mere miss


But to Emily I am love and joy–

I am a shining beacon in a darkened abyss.

Our time together I’ve come to enjoy,

and now together we are it’s become pure bliss


She made me her Luna, her moon,

and somehow, she became my sun, my stars

The night we kissed I could tell that I was swoon

But I was imprisoned in my own bars.


But I am free, flying high above the sorrow

just as the leaves flutter down in the wind.

For it seems like winter is but tomorrow,

bringing its chilling winds, snowflakes descend.


The cold winter is upon us;

While I’m in love, I must confess my greatest sin:

I seem to be no better than Gus

sickly, ill, and a fool who felt love within.


Even if I am her moon

and I have no bars.

It seems no matter how I swoon,

there is a fault in my stars.


Photograph made available by David Dibert via Unsplash


“Ode to Writer’s Block” by h. m.

F7D0CDB5-8A2A-412D-97B8-7E9BECAC3F5BEmpty words on a page

the need to fill with meaning

through this block, I rage

against what I am seeing


With nothing to convey

constantly using delete

words leave, nothing to say

trying to make ends meet


Open space, scary yet inviting

with potential, positive and negative

behind these words, I do my hiding

waiting for initiative


Poem and photo credit: h.m.

“I Trust in You” by Kerrick van Asselt

“But I trust in you, O Lord;
    I say, “You are my God.”

My times are in your hand;
    deliver me from the hand of my enemies and persecutors.
Let your face shine upon your servant;
    save me in your steadfast love.” (Psalms 31: 14-16)


Night is upon us. Clouds settle in, stifling in the dark.

The path no longer lit; the way no longer clear.

We blindly stumble forward;

Seeking what? We are not sure.

Rocks lie underfoot; turning ankles, slicing skin.

Yet onward we must go, for it is all we know.

There are some who move against us, their path leading other ways.

People pushing past us, we are bumped, spun,


We are lost.

Where do we turn? How do we find our path again?

What is that?

                   It’s a whisper.

No. It is THUNDER.

                       It’s a soft breeze.


It is a voice.

A voice.

A voice rings out, cries out, whispers, weeps, calls…

Follow me.

I am the way.

I am the way? Who would say such a thing?

We look around us, crying out, “Who is there? Where are you?”

It is I.                                        Be still.

I am here.                               Follow me.

We hear this and we know. We know that this is why we are here.

This is why we blindly stumble; because we do not know this voice.

“We are here,” we cry. “We will follow you; show us the way!”

All at once it’s like our eyes are opened; we feel warmth spreading through our chests.

The clouds are still there, it’s true, but now they no longer stifle us.

They no longer block the light. We see. The moon! The stars! The sun!

And there! Lit brightly like a beacon before us, our path!

Our bodies tingle. What is this warmth? Love? Is this Love?

It is I.

We hear it again; and suddenly, we know.

We know. We feel. We see. And we love.


This is God.


Photo made available by Motoki Tonn via Unsplash

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