“The Rock” Written and Read by Heather Chamberlain, Performed by Julianna Mattson

“The Rock”

“Stages of Grief” Written by Dalton Palmer, Performed by Emma Browning, Grace Brown, Shannon McCon

“Stages of Grief”


All to your lonesome.

All beating hearts must be afar.

Everything feels glum.

All this pain has left a deep scar.

Left to soak in your self-pity.

The hurt must be so deep.

Sometimes you feel that life feels so shitty.

The feelings are piling up to your feet.

All that is left is to sing sad songs.

Alcohol will help if you just drink some

Though you won’t long.

As your time has come…



Eyes filled with fire.

Fists all balled up.

This whole thing must have been a setup.

Your soul is not yours; it belongs to the buyer.


No more peace; anger is your desire.

What’s left of your will couldn’t fill a cup

All you can see is the fire.

Everything seems so messed up.


You must watch the crumble of your empire

Defenseless like a little pup.

Sitting confused, you don’t know what’s up.

You sit there in ire

Soon your soul will retire.



Know of your friends.

Know of your enemies.

For one day your friends will be your enemies.

The enemies will become your friend.

There is no changing this.

Do not blame them for being this way.

For it is just the human nature.


Pay attention to those demons.

Pay attention to those angels.

For one day they will be one in the same.

The internal struggles will change.

There is no changing this.

Do not blame yourself for being this way.

For it is just the brains nature.


Watch your surroundings.

Watch your environment.

For one day your enemy will be there to harm them.

The way they see you is the same way you see them.

There is no changing this.

Do not blame them for thinking this way,

For you think the same way.


Talk to your friends.

Talk to those that are close to you,

For one day your demons will try to consume your humanity.

The angels will not be able to stop them

There will be no stopping them.

Do not give up hope,

For you have your friends and close ones to fall back on.


“Here’s One to You” Written and Read by Luna, Performed by Sabrina Lewis

“Here’s One to You”

What constitutes a friend?

Is it somebody who cares for you to no end?

Or is it one who’s loyalty shows no bend?


I believe a freind is one who loves you.

A friend is one who reminds you to chew

When you’re choking, concerned but giving a laugh.

A friends who compliments everything even your calf.


A friend is one who truly does care.

A friend like you is someone truly rare.


One in a million and a special speck…

Not judging whether a poem does rhyme or not.

A friends like you is special to me.

Your personality is quirky and that’s a good thing…


I began this poem like our friendship began…

Neat, precise and thought out every word,

But as I progressed the words began

To shift and fall and become less precise…


But that’s how our friendship was…

It was random and sporadic based upon whim,

A friendship that I don’t have to hide myself

We were spectacular and unique,


But that’s not where our story ends…


What truly makes a friend?

Is it someone who can heal or mend?

Is it someone who can write or paint?

Or is it someone who can speak so quaint?


No, a friend is one who wouldn’t leave, and that’s you!

Or at least it was you, before the storm that rattled us to the core…

Gassed our bridge leaving it to burn, engulfed in flames demanding more!

But now I write, meticulous again, remembering the time I’d lay on the floor…

Weeping the loss of a friend that I cared for so deeply, one I loved,

but feelings of regret and anger I have shoved,

deep down inside; they are forgotten in a heart that is so sore.


I’m over feeling sorrow, despair, anger. I’m done being colored blue!

I’m okay alone, and I see that now, so old friend, “Here’s one to you…”

“Broke” Written and Read by Cristin Conley and Performed by Elleana Ortiz


There’s no more money,

There’s no safety deposite box.

Paychecks are slowing;

Grass keeps growing.

Guess I’ll cut some locks

to buy cough drops.


You tell me to push through,

“Don’t let the depression overcome you,”

to “have patience, keep breathing,”

yet as your cup overflows,

you refuse to consider giving.


I can’t pay the debts;

I can’t make the money;

So I’m not a person–

just a little bunny.


Stoke the fire;

Salt the meat;

Skin the rabbit;

Time to eat.

The Mews Writing Contest

Hello, friends!

As you know, in the midst of all the COVID-19 quaranteening, isolating, and cancellations, school has given us an extra week of Spring Break and you may find yourself with a little bit of extra time on your hands. The Mews has a fun solution: The Mews Writing Contest!

This is a free-to-enter event where you may submit one of each of the following: Poem, Short Story, or Essay. Submissions will be due the Monday we return to school, digitally, on March 30 and the top three pieces in each category will be published on The Mews.

Each piece will be judged anonymously by three judges and winners will be determined using a points system rewarding creativity, technique, and more! Winners will be announced in a Mews article along with links to the pieces as they are published. Winners will receive a formal congratulations and a publication in The Mews.

Submissions should emailed to jonathan_pettyjohn@student.friends.edu and titled “Mews Writing Contest Submission(s)”. Each piece should be submitted as a separate Word document (.docx) and should not contain the name of the author anywhere inside the piece. Submissions should be in size 12, Times New Roman font, double-spaced with 1” margins. Pieces that do not follow these directions may be rejected.

Pieces should include the title and the type, written at the top of the page, like so:


Category (Poetry, Short Story, or Nonfiction)

The work itself, free of grammatical or punctuation errors.


Hopefully this contest will provide a fun way to help promote safety and health while giving each of us a chance to become better writers!

TL;DR version:

  • Who? You, or any Friends University student
  • What? A Free Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction Writing Contest
  • When? Submissions are due March 30.
  • Where? Send submissions to jonathan_pettyjohn@student.friends.edu
  • Why? A Great Opportunity to practice writing.
  • How? Via Word in size 12 Times New Roman

If you have any questions or need clarifications, please contact me at jonathan_pettyjohn@student.friends.edu.

This page will be updated as more information is made available.

Thank you,

Jonathan Pettyjohn

“Beauty and Grace” Written and Read by Deane Reaves and Performed by Emma Browning

“Beauty and Grace”

Everyone says it’s not a big deal

You are the most beloved, highly praised for being pretty

They say you should be happy, yet I feel iffy

It is a big deal because I am not real

They all say “You are a great big deal,

You are beauty, you are grace.” Is that how I am supposed to feel?

I don’t.

In fact, I don’t think I can feel.

Nothing in my life is really real.

The beauty, the grace and the fame,

I’m in a constant fuzz,

It’s all a part of their game.

The partying, the drinks and the drugs.

It really is lame, this little game.

Tired? Anxious? Ill? Here, take a magic drug.

Yet the drugs make me dizzy, sick and out of control.

I don’t want drugs; I just need a hug.

“washcloth” by Heather Chamberlain

With a wet washcloth you wash your face.

Then the pure white cloth is forever stained,

and you foolishly believe your face is clean.


In the mirror you primp, and you preen,

but just because salt revives the skin

doesn’t make it blemish free.


Every night when you remove the base,

you stare hard and cold at the path you’ve traced;

squeezing the washcloth, in your hand restrained.


And every morning you conceal your sin.

And it works,

‘cause it does hide the darkness within.


And every night,

once again,

with a wet washcloth you wash your face.


Photograph made available by Brian Patrick Tagalong via Unsplash.

“Progression” Written and Read by Kobe Krehbiel, Performed by Morgan Smith


Fast cars blazing by
Warm breeze intoxication
Something still missing
Running from the truth
Everything seems foreign here
Fake smiles today
Searching for answers
Aimlessly walking around
I’ll figure it out
Always lost in thought
Finding answers in wrong spots
Not all is lost though
There is a constant
Nature is my own escape
Beauty never stops
An escape that exists
Never have to look too far
True radiance shines
Never a worry
Everything works out just fine
Hope is now restored

This dance and poem were a collaboration for the 2019 event “Changement: Self in Motion”.

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