“Progression” Written and Read by Kobe Krehbiel, Performed by Morgan Smith


Fast cars blazing by
Warm breeze intoxication
Something still missing
Running from the truth
Everything seems foreign here
Fake smiles today
Searching for answers
Aimlessly walking around
I’ll figure it out
Always lost in thought
Finding answers in wrong spots
Not all is lost though
There is a constant
Nature is my own escape
Beauty never stops
An escape that exists
Never have to look too far
True radiance shines
Never a worry
Everything works out just fine
Hope is now restored

This dance and poem were a collaboration for the 2019 event “Changement: Self in Motion”.

“A Rosebud That Blooms Begins to Die” by Heather Chamberlain

A rosebud that blooms begins to die,

But there’s still hope in the petals restrained.


There’s intensity—a swelling energy.

There’s friction, but it rubs deliciously.

The bud is aching to unfold—

It’s story to be told—

Exposed for all the world to behold.


It desires to be noticed—

Time demands the next stage of life;

Nature compels the floret to open.

But if it complies,

The spirit within amplified—

On the surface, fatigues in a moment.


There’s still hope in the petals restrained,

But a rosebud that blooms begins to die.


Photo made available by Vanessa Serpas via Unsplash

“A King Amongst Men” by Jonathan Pettyjohn

Dying in the tall rain,
a monarch stands among them all.

His eyes are red,
his brain is fogged,
and in it forms this crying thrall, dying in the tall rain.

Of course,
in his brain,
This all is false to him,
Dying in the tall rain.

The world begins to set,
Of course,
in this drain.

To him is all,
peaceful one.

To him is all a golden sun.


Photograph made available by O12 via Unsplash

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