Choose Your Own Adventure Game Please use the hyperlink to enter into the choose your own adventure game written by Alaina Madden, Grahm Edmisten, Logan Earnst, and Kristen Cordero in The Mews class Spring 2023.

Tragic Fairytale

Written by Logan Earnst There she smiled with tears of joy Laid down by her prince of love Water trailed in the brook nearby A secret hidden place and cove And thereupon the rock she sat The sweet princess in silent pain The heavy tears in her eyes They drop and then swell again The... Continue Reading →

This is My Moment

Written by Alaina Madden I took the keys and ran. The hounds barked and chased behind me. This is my moment. The rough door was locked. I have the key. Stale wind whistled. His musk surround us. There seemed to be something in the air. His lips sweet. This is my moment. Maybe this would... Continue Reading →


written by Kristen Cordero Shall I be the naïve fool with a flower patch for brains? The simpleton expected to prance in jangling chains? Forever condemned to spin to the tune of these fools, Who eagerly fix all with golden coins and jewels Yet at the moment I meet your eyes and glare at you... Continue Reading →

Destroying El Salvador

Written by Jessica Hernandez Destroying El Salvador El Salvador is a country located in Central America with a population of about 6.5 million people. In 1821, El Salvador obtained its independence from Spain but was forced into empires and unions until becoming a completely independent country in 1840. To sustain itself financially, El Salvador focused... Continue Reading →

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