“Pain” by Erin Sprague

Searing through your calvesPulling you downTearing you into halvesSweat trickling between your shoulder blades What is pain, anyway?Forget your burning feetIgnore your straining musclesDance, dance to the beat. When your world shakes,Hold firm to the painIt reminds you who you areRemember no pain, no gain. Forget the painsBecause you love the adrenalineRushing through your veins.Just... Continue Reading →

“Obsession” by Erin Sprague

I’ve heard it told,True-born writers must writeThey haven’t any choiceThey must write until they’re dead and cold But the same is true of a dancerShe makes no conscious decisionHer need to dance is strong,And will cause many a frisson Addicted to the adrenaline,Longing for the familiar pain in her feetIn her dreams she will dance,And... Continue Reading →

“In Class” by Erin Sprague

Images flicker in the mirrorLegs unfold together, as oneArms float on billowy clouds,No one is there to point, to murmur, see her? Pointe shoes clatter on the floor,Hairpins fly from tightly wound hair,In unison the dancers soarAnd hit the floor again. Over the sounds of running feet,A voice corrects, criticizes,Your arms! Stay with the beat!Here,... Continue Reading →

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