“The Cold Winter Winds” by Luna Neira

The day Alex left, it became autumn

Only grief and sorrow could follow

I thought without her I was at rock bottom

Empty, soulless, above all hollow


Was it guilt or regret

I fell for another but was only a kiss

Did it drive me away or was she a threat?

From fiancee to a mere miss


But to Emily I am love and joy–

I am a shining beacon in a darkened abyss.

Our time together I’ve come to enjoy,

and now together we are it’s become pure bliss


She made me her Luna, her moon,

and somehow, she became my sun, my stars

The night we kissed I could tell that I was swoon

But I was imprisoned in my own bars.


But I am free, flying high above the sorrow

just as the leaves flutter down in the wind.

For it seems like winter is but tomorrow,

bringing its chilling winds, snowflakes descend.


The cold winter is upon us;

While I’m in love, I must confess my greatest sin:

I seem to be no better than Gus

sickly, ill, and a fool who felt love within.


Even if I am her moon

and I have no bars.

It seems no matter how I swoon,

there is a fault in my stars.


Photograph made available by David Dibert via Unsplash


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